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The tip and secret of using and take care a Battery!

How to active a new battery

Please release all the electricity battery carried and then shut down laptop charging for 12 hours and repeat triple times.

Battery life

Battery life is called recharging times, full life is no more than 500 times charging.

Prolonged life

If you always use adaptor while working please take out the battery that will reduce the laptop heat and prolong battery’s life.

Easy way to damage a battery

While you are working with adaptor and battery, for instance you switch off and on the adaptor very often; this action will be killing a strong battery.

 How to keep a battery,

While battery in ideal state, you must keep battery have the half electricity of its capacity, and put in cool and good ventilation environment and keeping charging once a month.

Battery electricity consumed speed

This will depends on the CPU, screen state bright or dark, and wireless equipment and so on. Keep more devices inactive. So battery can be used longer.

All in all it is consumer commodity, and life no more than 500 times charging.



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