Laptop Repair Solutions

Whether it is for general repairs or upgrades, Turbo Tech is a laptop and notebook repair company that offers competitive rates for any brand of laptop repair for business and home.

You can rely on us as our team of factory-trained technicians has many years of experience. Before getting on with the repair work we make sure that the cause of the malfunctioning of your laptop is thoroughly analyzed.


Nothing is impossible!

We will never give up clients interests, keep the values!

We are factory based IT company, we have precision lab to ensure quality, we have cross fields technologies. We have flash drive factory and can do engraving logo.

We are professional at precision machine, laser printer maintenances and  cartridge remanufacturing.

We especially specialized in laptops we can do repair in chip level for vary kinds laptops.

We have global warehouse in HK to supply Hp Dell Toshiba Acer IBM Lenovo and Sony parts and spares, you just name it and give parts number.

global supply laptop parts LCD, Inverter, LCD cables hinges, laptop covers and casing HD Connectors, keyboard, battery, adaptors touchpad and cables…. Any thing would cause laptop faulty.


Data recovery and HD fixing and repair, Ram at whole sale price



Turbo Tech International

The laptop brand we can serve fix and repair we can also supply vary kinds of Ram HD LCD, keyboard and Inverter etc.

Adaptor , battery and Fans


We introduce the world class ram in SOUTH AFRICA this in the ram used in Sony laptop Motherboard

Testimony, one of our clients brought up one IBM

IBM390E made 1999, screen was broken, it is emotional treasure we took many days gathering our resources found that parts . Made impossible things happened



We major many brand names as follows: