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The differences between cartridge refill and remanufacturing!


Cartridge refill

Here are questions need to ask!

1.waster toner has been cleaned or not?

2. drum is replaced or not (drum has its life time)

3.cleaning blade is replaced or not?

4.toner quality is physical or chemical ?

5. cartridge is leaking or not?

All above will cause long term machine damage and Waste toner will roll over all the moving parts.

Above all elements effect the refill quality!


Cartridges refill

Lexmark T640, T642 and X642E with its 21K pages printing capacity cartridge

The cartridges will cost R4200 we make it less than half of its original price.

We also do, T430, E350d, 250d and so on.

Turbo Tech International
Cartridges re-manufacturing
Cartridge remanufacturing go through all the process as follows:
1. cartridge is no leaking so wouldn’t damage mechanism.
2. Waster is cleaned like brand new one
3. Drum is replaced in great condition
4. Cleaning blade is also has its clear edge
5. Toner quality is smooth and dry, high quality. Less waste toner would produce
Printing quality is assured like original cartridge!
inside machine all very clean.
Price is less than original half, big savings


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